Bribie fishing report: 28 May

May 28, 2015

It seems like we are stuck in that horrible weather pattern of nice days during the week and windy ones on the weekends. Looking at the long range for this weekend it looks like this may change as so far the calm winter conditions seem to be favorable. So dust off the rods and reels, take the cobwebs off the boat and get out into our winter sunshine.

If you have a bigger boat the outside reefs are firing. Brennan’s shoal, Smith’s rock and Robert’s shoal and full of snapper and emperor species like sweetlip, red throat and spangled. On the reefs squid and pillies are among the better baits but don’t discount soft plastics as they don’t seem to attract the pickers and you can usually bring up the better fish. There are also a lot of pretty coloured cod species on these reefs you can usually find a bright red cod along with the normal gold spot and black spot cod. The reason there are so many different species on these reefs is the abundance of bait fish around at the moment, this is a blessing and a curse. The blessing part is the bait brings in the fish and the curse is that as there is so much bait around it can make it hard to get the fish to take your baits as they are too well fed.

The passage will fish better this week as the conditions will suit the fisherman not the fish this weekend. Bream, whiting and flatties are the main fish you will encounter but keep an eye out for snapper and tailor. The snapper will be hugging and sort of structure and the tailor will be patrolling the surface looking for any un-weighted baits.

With the long weekend fast approaching camp sites are hard to come by. The ocean beach is fully booked but there is still some left in Poverty Creek but these will fill fast so if you are planning a camping trip give me a ring on 54975 253 or pop into the shop so we can get you sorted. The inland track is holding up well at the moment and the beach still has a flowing second lagoon. A couple more weeks of no rain should help this lagoon close up but at the moment 2 hrs either side of low tide will see you safely across it.