Bribie Island Fishing Report – 11 December

December 11, 2014

Photo: Well I will have to settle for a Mac Tuna, Nigel Newman with a 10kg tuna caught recently.

A Fishy Tale

We all have the tale of the one that got away and we all have the dream fish…Unfortunately my two tales overlap and not in a good way.

Let me set the scene. It’s Wednesday and I knew the weather was going to be good so I put the call out on the previous night for a ride. I called my mate Barry (last week’s picture) and he said if I want to see how it’s done he was the man to show me. 6.30 am we rock up to the Spinnaker Marina and to my surprise we head for a boat called “hard n up” so I know I am in for an interesting day. Russell is the skipper and also the weigh master for the Bribie Island Game fishing club so I know I am in good hands.

We set sail off towards the trolling grounds at the top of Moreton Island. (This is the closest you will get to the correct spot as I would be shot in my sleep if I gave out the secret, sacred grounds).  20 minutes later we arrive and get the gear set out. We were running a standard trolling pattern, two outriggers, long corner, short corner and a shot gun out the middle.

To cut a long story short we take turns on the rods and hook up a few and land two small black marlin which were quickly tagged and released to fight another day. Finally it’s my turn on the rod sitting patiently biding my time then suddenly all hell breaks loose. The rod starts screaming line peels off the reel. We look out the back and flying out of the water comes the biggest black marlin I have seen (did I mention that I have never caught a marlin so in fact it was only as big as the ones we caught earlier). This monster is heading straight towards the back of the boat. I calmly asked the skipper what to do (yeah right, ok I screamed it). He said don’t worry when it sees the boat it will go the other way, which it did at a great rate of knots. 15 minutes later after backing up a 36 foot boat with the skill of a master we finally got to a point where the skipper called get the tag pole I have colour he is at the back of the boat. The monster marlin then rolled on its side and looked up at the boat, and I am sure he winked at me, opened his mouth and proceeded to spit the hook.

At this stage I am utterly devastated and calmly said “oh bother” (yeah right!), dusted myself off and set the rods for the next try. Til next time…

Good fishing is still being reported from all areas of the Passage and Moreton Bay.