Bribie Island fishing report – 16 October

October 16, 2014

It’s October and when shopping in the Brisbane stores over the weekend, I could have outfitted my shop with Christmas decorations already…

The reason I mentioned it is that camping over this period is all but booked out here on Bribie Island. There are a few sites available before Christmas and some available after New Year, but the main week all but gone. There are some options for the holiday period so pop in or give me a ring to discuss these possibilities. My phone number is 5497 5253.

The whiting are still the main fish in the area with catches of good 40 cm fish coming from all areas these fish are fighting hard and people are mistaking them for bream. The surf side of Bribie is the pick of the spots especially down the bottom near Skirmish Point.

Other summer species are starting to make an appearance too, mangrove jack are taking fisho’s by surprise by taking a pillie left out for flathead. Another summer species caught recently is trevally, the good thing about summer fish is that they tend to bite more aggressively and fight a lot harder. Some pelagic fish were sighted off Woorim rounding up bait fish just off the back of the breakers. These would be Mackerel at this time of the year but so far I haven’t seen any caught just yet.

Recently I have had to service a few reels as they haven’t been looked after properly. Salt and sand are terrible on your gear so it is imperative that as soon as you get home from a trip at least hose your gear down and make sure you get under the spools. If you want to prolong the life of your gear remove the spool from the reel and give the reel a spray with WD40 after you have flushed it. Wipe off the over spray and you are ready to go. The reason you need to take the spool off first is that you don’t want WD40 on your line. Fish have a great sense of smell so they would detect that on the line.

Outside fishing has also started to fire with great reef species being caught, all we need is the weather to cooperate to let us get out there and chase these bigger fish. Cobia are the main species terrorising reef fisho at the moment. Remember they will run a long way on the first go and then come to the boat and then have another go when they see the bottom of your boat. A correctly set drag is a must and patience is also a must.