Bribie Island Fishing Report – 18 December

December 18, 2014

Well it seems that the weather and Christmas shopping has decreased trade this week, it’s almost like the eye of the storm because we know that come Boxing day it will be on for young and old. Every year this pattern is the same so if anyone wants a vehicle permit we can change the start dates, this way you can avoid the queues.

On the fishing front, with the limited reports this week it’s a case of steady as she goes. If you want to fish for smaller fish, whiting and bream would be the best to target in the passage. They are coming from the mouths of all the inflows into the passage. The creeks on the mainland side of the passage seem to produce the bigger whiting and any structure is where the bream are found.

When I say structure we mean anything that is under the water that a fish can use as cover. This can be a drop off like the coffee rock ledge that runs from the north of Pacific Harbour canal. Also the structure can be things like a group of rocks (like the ripples), and any manmade structures like jettys, bridges, reefs and sand banks.

For the bigger species like flathead the shallow water on the mainland side of the passage seem to be the best bank for these ambush predators. Jewfish are also a bigger fish that can be caught mainly at night and the best place for them is under any lights.

Just outside of the passage there is plenty of school mackerel being caught as this has been one of the better starts to the summer season. These fish are easily taken with an unweighted pilchard or a trolled lure around any bait school. They will also stay around structure like shipping channel markers and a metal slug cast at the markers are a good way to tempt these sharp toothed fish out of their hiding spots.

On behalf of Denise and myself I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our readers and our customers a very happy Christmas and a safe and happy new year.