Bribie Island fishing report – 27 November

November 27, 2014

Photo: Michael Schuberg’s winning jewfish from Tightlines Fishing comp.

I can’t believe another week has gone by and all we had was Northerly winds. I don’t know the technical reasons why but the old saying is when the northerly winds blow the fish don’t show. If anyone knows the reasons why could you please let me know on 5497 5253. The strength of the wind was another factor as well as no boats were able to even give it a go. That is except my crazy mate Alex who after a few sherberts on Saturday night promised to take some people out on the Sunday. They did manage a quick trip out to the shipping channel and caught a few mackerel. In the photo they sent me showed good size schoolies and also one spotted mackerel. All the fish were of size and I must admit they tasted good (thanks for the fillets Alex).

Tight lines fishing club also made the effort on the weekend in the tough conditions. Numbers were down because of the wind but those that made the effort caught some good fish. Michael Schuberg got the biggest fish with a 76.5 cm jewfish and a couple of bream. Nev Carrol and Ben Jensen also chipped in with some good bream, flathead and grunter bream. If any one is interested in a family based social fishing comp then give the guys at Tight Lines a yell on their face book page.

The whiting are still around in good numbers at the southern end of the passage but make sure you take a heavier line with you as there are also some mackerel patrolling the whiting grounds. A floated pilchard will do the trick. Make sure the mackerel gear is well secured and drag set as the first run is a gear buster.

There have been fish smashing bait school off the back of the surf during the week. These fish have been breaking the surface and are of good size. This means that they are tuna not mackerel, as mackerel will not break the surface. The best way to catch the tuna if they are feeding is to throw a metal slug at them. Most of the time they are too far out to get them off the shore so a boat is normally needed to chase them down.

Bribie Island 4×4 report:

The rangers have informed me that they are doing a bit of work in the park over the next few weeks getting ready for the Christmas rush. They are doing scheduled maintenance on the inland track so it may be closed for the weekend. As of the 1st of December they are also upgrading the camp sites on the beach side. This will take a couple of weeks and I am sure you will be pleased with the outcome.