Bribie Island fishing report: 30 July

July 30, 2015

Tight Lines Fishing Club had their July comp this past weekend and they had some great results with a record number of people fishing. They weighed in a mixed bag of flathead, tailor and bream with the biggest fish being a 63 cm flathead. This is a casual fishing club very much geared for the family and they have intermediate and junior age groups as well as men’s and women’s groupings. Contact me on 5497 5253 for more information on the club.

Don’t be surprised if you get a mackerel in our waters. Lately, large schools of hardie heads have been coming into the northern bay and with them there are schools of small school mackerel feeding off the bait. This is unusual as these are a summer species and normally don’t like the colder waters.

I get photos and reports sent to me from all places. Normally the photos are unusable and the reports are so badly written that I just incorporate them into my ramblings. This week, however, I have one that came in from Greg Sands where I can use both. This is what Greg sent me:

Well do not let anyone tell you fishing is boring in the passage. I went out yesterday afternoon to chase some live bait and the plan was if I get something I would go out in the early evening and try my luck with some Mulloway.

Nothing much happened until about 6pm the tide was nearly stopping the wind dropped out and it was a really nice night and then it all started, first my boat got hit by something then my number 1 rod took off, I had trouble turning this one and to my surprise I had a very large Jewie on the line with another smaller one about 80cm right beside it, they were both hooked so somehow they attacked the bait together and both got a hook each, crazy. The big one dropped off before I could get him in the boat but I did manage to get the smaller one just as my number two rod started to scream so I left the fish on the floor and grabbed my other rod and in a few seconds I realized it was a shark as he broke water heading straight for me and went under the boat and broke me off.

I threw on a couple of new rigs and had the lines out several minutes later and to my surprise both rods went off together and after a hectic few minutes I had another 2 90cm Jewie, so I gave one of them a kiss and set him on his way for another day.