Bribie Island fishing report – 30 October

October 30, 2014

Well it looks like summer is here.

We have high temperatures, summer storms and bushfires. What we don’t have is mackerel. In saying that we do have them but no one has had the chance to get them. They are there just off the back of the surf but with these horrible northerly winds we can’t get to them. Just a reminder of the size limits of these tasty hard biting fish, school mackerel is 50 cm and spotted mackerel is 60 cm.

What we are catching is the staples for this time of the year. The boys and girls from Tight Lines Fishing Club here on Bribie showed what can be caught in the passage this time of the year. Average size for the bream caught was 30 cm and they had great condition on them (now we know what was stealing all out baits). They also got some awesome whiting again with great condition. The bigger ones that were caught were a darker colour, almost tending to black. There is nothing wrong with these whiting it just means that they have spent a lot of time up the creeks. When any fish spend any length of time in a creek it takes on the colour of the tannins in the water.

The club also managed to catch some flathead as well with the biggest going 51.5cm, but I have heard since the comp of a 64 cm fish taken on a floated pilchard on the mainland side of the passage on the drift.

With the northerly winds there aren’t any offshore reports this week, let’s hope we can get amongst them next week.

With the increased traffic up the beach and on the inland track recently the tracks on and off the beach and the inland side have been chopped up and with the lack of rain are powdery. So please take a little extra time and drop your tyre pressures down to 18-20 PSI to increase your footprint on the soft stuff. You can tell those that haven’t done this, they are the ones bogged in the access tracks and holding up everyone else. Camping again booked out last weekend so please book ahead to avoid disappointment.