Bribie Island Road & Bridge Community Forum

March 8, 2019

Video Transcript

Simone Wilson MP: A complete upgrade for Bribie Island Road and a new four lane bridge for Bribie will be a challenge that presents itself for decades to come if planning does not start now. We cannot afford for our road infrastructure needs and Pumicestone Electorate to be struck off the government’s agenda and ignored for any longer.

Congestion on Bribie Island Road will increase. So we need to start making these sorts of decisions now. Not in ten years time. The state government has thrown only a few dollars at fixing some of the problems on Bribie Island Road. But they are merely cosmetic changes. At the Bestmann Road East intersection for example.

The big issue remains for Bribie Island. Our major road and bridge has not kept pace with significant growth in tourism and the developments that have taken place in the Pumicestone Electorate for the last five to ten years. This road is our main connecting route that takes people to work and brings them home to their family and loved ones and it is a lifeline to our local businesses and tourism in our local area.

The infrastructure investment needed to upgrade this road and bridge, that so many depend on every day, upgrades to reduce congestion, travel time and improve commuter safety for all. The federal government has done its part in giving us twenty million dollars to fix priority pinch points, like Old Torbul Point Road intersection.

This money is sitting, ready and waiting in Caanberra for the state government to do their part. We need to know why the state government is delaying on fixing Bribie Island Road. Join me on the 17th of March, at 10:30, on the corner of Sylvan Beach Esplanade and Benabrow Avenue, just off the bridge. This important forum is an opportunity for the public to hear from it’s elected representatives, voice their concerns, ideas and hopes for Bribie Island Road and the bridge and have the government hear their voices.

I will be joined on the day by Tim Mander, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition. I hope to see you all there.