Bribie Island Watch’s ‘Turn the Screws on Crime’

August 6, 2016

The Bribie Island Neighbourhood Watch’s joined forces today to ‘Turn the Screws on Crime’.

Bellara, Bongaree and Banksia Beach Neighbourhood Watch’s always help each other on the Island.

Today they set up at the Information Shed and adjacent carpark to safely help community members switch from regular number plate screws to the special ‘one-way screws’. These screws can only be taken off with a special tool the Queensland Police have in their possession.

Every day you hear of crimes where unregistered cars are being driven with stolen number plates or petrol station drive-offs using stolen number plates. This initiative is meant to turn the screws on those crimes and it is working very well. Today’s Bribie Watch’s Turn the Screws on Crime day was a success as they had a steady stream of persons receiving the new screws and having them put on their cars.

The above photo is of Leo Barraclough, Area Coordinator of Bellara NHW who turns out to be one of the founding members of the Bellara Neighbourhood Watch. The Bellara Neighbourhood Watch just celebrated their 25th anniversary this year! Leo was with them from the start and is standing strong today still helping the community and the Police “Turn the Screws on Crime’ in the Bribie Island area. Congratulations to Bellara NHW and congrats to Leo Barraclough for all the years of stellar volunteering!

The Bribie Island Watch’s also gave a free sausage sizzle and these two lovely ladies (Madeleine Luck and Kay Taaffe) were cooking up some tasty sausages and onions. Thank you ladies, for the yummy lunch.