Caboolture West ready for state review

September 8, 2016

Moreton Bay Regional Council is one step closer to kick-starting the long-awaited Caboolture West.

Council has passed a resolution to work with the State Government to review the proposed Caboolture West Local Plan and other major amendments to the region’s planning scheme ahead of a public consultation process.

Mayor Allan Sutherland said the proposed Caboolture West Local Plan set out both council and the community’s vision for an area west of Bellmere that is more than 6,600hA in size, and would guide expected growth in the region and meet the current and future needs of the community.

“The local plan will outline the type of development we as a community expect, where such development will be located and when the development should occur,” Mayor Sutherland said.

“The Caboolture West Local Plan will drive economic development in the area by generating $9.5 billion for the region’s economy while also balancing environmental values by dedicating 1,070hA as green corridor networks.

“It’s expected that over the next four decades, Caboolture West will grow to a population of 70,000, which is why council’s proposed local plan will seek to generate 17,000 FTE jobs and provide ongoing health and education opportunities with key provisions for local primary schools, high schools and a private hospital.

“Work on Caboolture West has been ongoing for nearly a decade and we are now finally seeing this concept turn to implementation.

“There is still work to be done in finalising networking planning for the area and council is working with key partners such as Unitywater to ensure that this level of appropriate planning is undertaken.

Mayor Sutherland said the Caboolture West Local Plan and other proposed amendments were part of council’s commitment to a living framework approach to the planning scheme, ensuring the scheme remains adaptable to the current and future needs of the community.

“By continuing to update the planning scheme, council is making sure that it remains a contemporary document that responds to and works with the dynamic needs of our community as it continues to grow.

“It shapes how we, as a community, want to see our region develop and ensures that the right development occurs in the right places.”

Planning and Development Spokesperson Councillor Mick Gillam said council would now formally request a review and seek approval from the Minister for Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning to go out for public consultation on the proposed Caboolture West Local Plan and other planning scheme amendments.

“Working with the state government and the community is an important step in getting the balance right for our region’s future, which is why we’re now seeking state government review and approval to incorporate these amendments,” Cr Gillam said.

“The proposed amendments also promote increased employment opportunities closer to home along the new Moreton Bay Rail, and incorporate reviews of certain aspects of the planning scheme following continued community feedback.

“Once the state government and the Minister have reviewed and approved the proposed amendments, council will seek community feedback through a public consultation process to deliver a balanced approach for Caboolture West Local Plan and other amendments.”