Poll: Does Bribie Island need a second bridge?

October 12, 2015

The Bribie Island bridge is situated at the eastern extent of the state-controlled Caboolture – Bribie Island Road, and connects Bribie Island to the mainland over the Pumicestone Channel.

The bridge is approximately 835 meters in length and was constructed in 1963. The bridge consists of two 3.0 meter wide traffic lanes as well as a narrow footpath of approximately 900mm. The bridge also makes provision for a range of utility services, including Telstra, Energex and Unitywater. The Bribie Island Road Bridge is the only road link connecting Bribie Island to the mainland and thus plays a vital role in the economy of Bribie Island. This link is experiencing increasing demands from urban growth, and from increasing pedestrian, cyclist and freight traffic.

A second bridge to Bribie Island could have twice as many traffic lanes as the existing structure, according to a concept plan released by the Queensland Government.

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