Get Ready for Abbey Medieval Festival 2014!

July 6, 2014

Are you coming to the Biggest and (in our opinion) the Best Medieval Festival in the southern hemisphere? On Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th July, get in the medieval spirit and come immerse yourself in the spectacle of the 2014 Abbey Medieval Tournament!

The Abbey Medieval Festival is an annual event held by the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology, and offers an experience unlike any other. The colour, pageantry, atmosphere and the authenticity of performers will transport visitors back in time in this unique weekend of activities!

See spectacular displays from musicians, dancers and street performers from across Australia and overseas, experience battle re-enactment, jousting, archery, Turkish oil-wrestling, gypsy dance, arts and crafts, and authentic medieval delicacies! There is so much to see and do! You will wish the festival ran for months!

Crusaders, lords and ladies, knights and common folk preserve the spirit of the festival by dressing in medieval costume and honouring the custom and chivalry of yesteryear. This much-loved, annual festival has a vibrant atmosphere and is as colourful and unique as the re-enactors in it, bringing European history to local and visiting public!

New events in 2014

Gurning – The artful scrunching up of ones face to make the most interesting expression one can. This will be a hilarious event sure to bring a smile to anyone, As long as the wind does not change!

Festival highlights

Music – Medieval Music & Bands, haunting melodies from harpists, trumpeters, flute and lute players, including Gregorian chanting and some of Australia’s leading medieval bands.

Medieval Encampments – Explore and wonder in over 30 re-enactor encampments, from Vikings to Knights in Armour, authentic representations of medieval life from 600-1600AD, do not miss the ever popular Shuvani Romani gypsy encampment, or the colourful 15th Century encampment of the Knights order of Lion Rampant.

Jousting – The breathtaking and highly charged Joust, when knights on their trusted war horses tilt for the honour of Champion of the Lists. Abbey Medieval Festival will host the largest jousting tournament ever held in Australia in 2014 with international participants. In 2014 there will be four jousts per day rather then the three from previous years. Tickets for the jousts are available online prior to the festival.

Street Theatre, Dancing & Games – Medieval theatre and games, including jugglers, puppetry, dancing, and costume parades for your entertainment.

Fighting Displays – Combat from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance (450 – 1600 AD). Different fighting styles and archery, tourneys, melees and individual combats including- Viking, Dark Age, High Middle Ages and Byzantine warriors, German lan.

Join us for a REAL medieval experience! Entry on a Day Pass costs $30 for adults, $20 for concessions, $12.50 for children and $80 for families. Weekend Passes cost $40 for adults, $25 for concessions, $15 for children and $87.50 for families.

For further  information, please visit: or phone (07) 5495 1652.