Huge Cobia tips scales at 34kg

March 5, 2015

One thing you can be sure of is that Bribie will always throw up a surprise or two. I was sitting here wondering what I was going to do for a picture for this week’s report when a customer pulls up in his normal sedan and asks if I have a set of large scales to weigh fish. After I said yes, Cliff Harvey proceeds to the boot of his car and starts to pull out a tarp. Straining, he thumps this massive fish out onto the ground and over to the weigh in area. After trying to work out how to weigh this beast, we rigged up a hook and popped the beast on the scales. The beast was a 34.1 kg cobia – the biggest one I have seen in my ten years at the shop. This fish was taken north of Moreton (the best I could get from him) and was taken while spear fishing. Normally this would have been the “pic of the week” but here comes the next surprise.

Not 10 minutes later Ryan Wilkins pulls up with his new boat in tow. Jumps out of the car and asks if I needed a picture for this week. Knowing Ryan as we do here we know that he is normally catch and release so I knew something good was coming. (Also by the smile on his face) He jumps into the back of his boat and brings out an awesome 6 kg barramundi. The fish was taken from the Caboolture River and was taken with a Zman soft plastic in the opening night colour. As you can see this fish is in great condition so is actively feeding. If this is a result of global warming… BRING IT ON.

The water in the passage, although discoloured, has cleaned up a lot faster than I thought so most of the species are back including the snapper. We have had a great run of legal and above fish caught in all the normal spots including the bridge and the ripples. Bream and flathead are also in good numbers all throughout the passage and whiting are starting to make a showing. So come wet a line as you never know what you will get.