Jousting at the Abbey Medieval Festival

July 4, 2014

Experience heart stopping excitement at the Abbey Medieval Festival Jousting Tournament on the 12th and 13th of July at the 2014 Abbey Medieval Festival.

This year boasts a host of Australian talent including Justin Holland who won the Abbey joust tournament in 2013 and Sarah Hay who was champion of the skill at arm at the International tournament of Saint George. They will face challenging competition in form of United States jouster L. Dale Walter and a range of other talented international jousters.

Jousting is a high speed adrenaline filled sport where jousters mounted on their horses ride towards each other at high speeds with the aim of breaking their lance on their opponents shield. Each lance that they break scores them points. The rider with the most points wins the tournament.

Jousting tickets are $4 and are available both at the festival and online.