Mackerel fire up in channel

March 26, 2015

I have a riddle for you ….What comes after 5 days of good weather???    The weekend.

Last weekend was basically a bust, so let’s hope we can get a good one, early indications are looking good but I don’t want to jinx it.

With the ordinary weather we don’t have a lot of fishing reports but I will go with what I have.

Pine Rivers fishing club made a valiant attempt to fish overnight Saturday with only three boats making it to the weigh in. There were a few species bagged with bream, flathead, whiting and grunter coming to the scales. The biggest of them all was a large bream of 905 gr. With the horrible conditions most of these fish were caught in the creeks and canals as that was the best place to hide from the conditions. Just a word of warning if you find yourself stuck in a lightning storm out on the water stow away your graphite fishing rods. They become a big magnet for lightning, almost like holding a giant lightning rod. Best idea is to head to the ramp and wait out the storm.

If you get a chance to get out of the passage the school mackerel are going crazy still. Some of you are finding it hard to get these sharp tooth yummy fish. Here is a sure fire way to catch them. First travel to any beacon you can find, then sound around the marker to see if there is any bait fish on that marker, if so throw a lure, plastic, pilchard near to the marker let it drop for 10 to 15 seconds then a fast retrieve should do the trick. For those with smaller boats the yellow beacon at the entrance to the Passage and the red and green beacons off Red Beach are easy to get to and well within reach. Just remember that if you go out of the passage you need to have in date flares on board.

The rains didn’t help with second lagoon, it was just starting to slow down but with this top up it will be flowing for a little while yet. So again time your trip up the beach as close to low tide as possible. The inland track is open for those that need to travel at high tide but if doing this track make sure you have your tyres down to 20 psi and if you are towing a camper trailer don’t forget those tyres as well. It also helps to travel with another 4wd in case you do get stuck.