Moreton Bay Regional Council urges residents to be storm ready

November 13, 2015

Moreton Bay Regional Council is urging local residents to be storm ready with severe thunderstorms forecast to affect Bribie Island and the Moreton Bay Region on Saturday 14 November.

Large hail, damaging winds and flash flooding will be possible tomorrow with potential for local moderate to heavy falls of around 50 to 60mm in some areas.

Council is urging local residents to be storm ready:

  • Charge your mobile phone to stay in touch with friends, family and online media updates.
  • Program your battery-operated radio to stay tuned for local weather updates.
  • Monitor your weather conditions, warnings and advice from the  Bureau of Meteorology via the weather radar.
  • Consider your need to travel on roads or public transport during the severe periods of the storm, and delay travel where possible.
  • Ensure roof gutters are clear and can handle heavy rainfall.
  • Have a torch handy should there be any loss of power.
  • Disconnect unneeded electrical appliances
  • Secure loose outdoor items around your home.
  • Shelter and secure pets and animals.