New eyes in the sky over Bribie Island

July 1, 2014

Families from Burpengary to Bribie Island can feel safer and better protected with a dedicated helicopter for the Greater Brisbane area. Operations commence this week as part of the Government’s strong plan for a brighter future for communities across Queensland.

State Member for Pumicestone, Lisa France and State Member for Morayfield, Darren Grimwade welcomed the new helicopter stating it would be an invaluable resource to their local community and would revitalise frontline services as promised at the election.

“I am excited that the new police helicopter will deliver safer streets for families in my electorate as it patrols the skies assisting police on the beat,” Mr Grimwade said.

“At the election, the Newman Government promised $18 million to fund two helicopters for south east Queensland and we have delivered on that commitment,” he said.

Mrs France said, “The 800 additional officers we’ve delivered on the beat are being supported by more funding, better resources and now two dedicated police helicopters on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

“This extra resource will not only assist Police in the detection and prevention of crime but will provide necessary assistance to areas during emergency or disaster situations.”

Both state members agreed that the local community will be well served by the new helicopter which is fitted with the latest technology including cameras which can read a licence plate from up to two kilometres away.

Other activities the helicopter will be utilised for include drug crop detection, traffic operations, apprehending dangerous offenders and assisting officers on the ground with monitoring events.

The helicopters in South East Queensland are funded to perform 20 hours of flight time each week undertaking missions to keep families safe.

Offenders who wish to evade police or risk the safety of residents are being watched and will be caught thanks to this new resource.