Nigel Newman’s last ever Bribie Island fishing report :(

December 10, 2015

They say fishing is like a book, sometimes you pick it up and it grabs you till the end, other times it takes a while but you finally finish it and you are glad you did. Well it’s my turn to read the final page of the final chapter. I am leaving to start a new book and a new chapter, a new life. I have been the owner here at Gateway Bait and Tackle for 11 years and have loved every minute but it is now time to hand the reigns over to Cheryl and Neville who are about to put their own stamp on the place as all previous owners have done since the 60’s. I would like to thank everyone involved in the insanity that has been my life over those 11 years and I assure them that I will be back to normal soon.

This is also the last report for the year, so what I will do is to tell you all what you can expect to catch over the next few weeks and where is your best chance to get them.


These fish seem to thrive this time of the year and are available in big numbers all around the island although they seem to be smaller in size. The surf beaches, Red beach and Skirmish Point as well as the main areas south of the bridge seem to be the best places for them but if you want to try and find a bigger fish try up the passage in the shallow waters.


People are starting to complain that there are too many mackerel…what a good problem to have. Catches are being reported from all areas including the southern end of the passage. If you can find schools of bait you can be assured there will be a mackerel feeding on it. Try any shipping channel beacon and if land based the surf beach is the place to go.


One of the best land based fish to target as the passage offers a lot of structure for these fish to hide in. The drop off at Banksia Beach and the canal system there are the better spots to try for them but they seem to be everywhere.


These guys seem to go from strength to strength with good numbers taken and they don’t look like stopping any time soon. Good spots for these guys is anywhere on the mainland side of the passage and at Buckley’s Hole.

Good luck and stay safe over this holiday period and for the last word from me: THANK YOU to all of my customers and readers of this column. It’s been a pleasure and good luck and good catches.

Bribie Island fishing report courtesy of Nigel Newman from Gateway Bait & Tackle.