Passage producing bream and prawns

March 19, 2015

Can you believe it’s nearly Easter again?

It looks like it’s going to be a busy one this year with Bribie all but booked out for camping. There are still some spots at Teewah Beach and at Inskip but these will fill fast in the next two weeks. Give me a call for options on 5497 5253.

The fishing is a little hit and miss at the moment with the Tight Lines Fishing Club only managing to weigh in a few flathead the month. This had a lot to do with the wind over the weekend though not a lack of fish. There have been a lot of bream reported from the creeks and canals that flow into the passage. These are great places to escape the winds and a lot of them have protected boat ramps so you can sneak in a fish in any weather. One of the reasons the fish is a little quiet is that there are a lot of prawns in the passage so make sure you bring you cast net to get a feed of banana prawns.

Outside the passage is where the best action is at the moment with the supply of mackerel still showing no signs of slowing. Any marker or buoy in the water is a good place to start looking for these hard fighting great tasting fish. The yellow blinker at the southern entrance to the passage is a great place to start. Burley is the key to fishing this area if you are planning to anchor this way you will get whiting as well as mackerel.

If you want to drift fish there is a red and green marker at the end of the island drifting between the two will usually get you some good fish.  The shark buoys off Woorim are also a great place if you want to troll a small hard bodied lure, there have been long tail tuna taken using this method too.

Going further afield, the shipping channel markers all hold bait which in turn attracts mackerel. A metal slug cast at the marker will usually do the trick but dropping a pilchard through the bait can have good results as well. Amberjacks and cobia have also been taken on these markers so make sure your drag is set correctly.