Police officer rescues wallaby from waters off Queensland’s Bribie Island

March 14, 2020

Bribie Island Police have helped a very wet wallaby find its way back to dry land after it was recently found struggling a few metres off shore at Bed Beach.

Officers hopped into action after observing the water-logged wallaby about 10 metres from the beach.

After (unsuccessfully) rolling up his pant legs, Constable Mick Brownlee waded out to the wallaby and attempted to direct it back to shore.

Despite Constable Brownlee’s very clear directions, the wallaby failed to comply.

Not giving up, Constable Brownlee scooped up the marsupial and carried him back to the beach.

No injuries were reported to either the officer or the wallaby, just some very soaked ankles.

After drying off for a few minutes, the little guy appeared to bounce back pretty quickly.