Suzi Quatro Sandstone Point concert evacuated during severe thunderstorm

February 12, 2018

Last night’s wild weather led to the cancellation of the Red Hot Summer Tour‘s sold-out show at the Sandstone Point Hotel near Bribie Island, which was scheduled to feature the likes of Suzi Quatro, The Angels and Baby Animals.

The final show was evacuated around 7pm local time, with thousands of concert-goers being moved inside the hotel due to concerns over patron safety.

Organisers say “extreme winds and rain exceeding 160km/h hit the venue”, which led to the stage and production suffering “severe damage”

Taking to Facebook during the concert, the hotel told patrons “To all our valued patrons, due to a severe weather cell and in the interest of patron safety, tonight’s performance will not continue. All patrons are asked to take immediate shelter inside the hotel. Patrons leaving the venue are asked to take extreme care on the roads. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please stay safe.”