Nigel Newman’s last ever Bribie Island fishing report :(

They say fishing is like a book, sometimes you pick it up and it grabs you till the end, other times it takes a while but you finally finish it and you are glad you did. Well it’s my turn to read the final page of the final chapter. I am leaving to start a […]

Bribie Island fishing report: 26 November

With all this talk about school mackerel over the last few weeks I thought I had better show you an example of these hard fighting good tasting fish. This week’s picture is a good example of the quality of the fish that are around at the moment. These fish were two of seven caught out […]

Bribie Island fishing report: 19 November

It is very hard to write a column every week when everything ticks along nicely and the same stuff is caught in the same places. There are a couple of things you hope for a big change in the weather and something strange being caught that is out of the norm. Well this week I […]

Bribie Island fishing report: 12 November

Well the weather seems to be settling into a standard summer pattern rain in the late afternoon and fine days let’s hope it stays this way as it still gives us plenty of time to fish between storms. The mackerel seem to be popping up everywhere with schoolies coming from as close as the Bribie […]

Bribie Island fishing report: 29 October

One of the regular questions I get asked is, “Where are all the big whiting?” The simple answer to that is they are up the passage hiding. Let me explain… early season the bigger whiting come in to the main feeding grounds eg. the beaches and the sandy areas of the passage. Then as the […]

Bribie Island fishing report: 22 October

Finally we are seeing some summer pelagic fish starting to make their presence felt in the northern bay. School mackerel of around the meter mark have been taken off most of the northern shipping channel beacons. These beacons are the perfect environment for mackerel as they attract plenty of bait fish which in turn attracts […]

Bribie Island fishing report: 15 October

Hands up to all of you out there if you think that October is way too early for Christmas decorations in the shops… It scares me how quick the years go by these days, I can still remember telling you all about Easter. With the upcoming festivities our minds are turned to the holidays and […]

Snapper arrive in Passage

Now where did that week go….? The Pumicestone Passage seems to have fired up this week with a run of good plate size snapper. Judging by the consistent size of these fish it seems that these are new season fish as the smaller fish tend to come in first and then the bigger breeders arrive […]

Tips to bag whiting

Again this week has been limited by weather but it looks like this coming weekend is a little better so let’s try and point you in the direction of a feed. As you will see by this week’s picture you can still get some good summer whiting. These great fish were caught near the Bribie […]