Tips to bag whiting

February 12, 2015

Again this week has been limited by weather but it looks like this coming weekend is a little better so let’s try and point you in the direction of a feed.

As you will see by this week’s picture you can still get some good summer whiting. These great fish were caught near the Bribie Island jetty and it seems they were schooled up as these were the best of the fish from the day. They have also been some good whiting further into the passage around all the inflows into the passage.

Mackerel seem to be nonstop with the warmer water at the moment but let’s take advantage for now as soon as the water cools they will move north and the tailor will take over. They have been caught from as close as the bridge to the yellow beacon into the bay. Just a reminder if you go into the bay to fish for mackerel make sure you have in date flares as soon as you leave the passage they are a requirement in your safety gear. The surf side near the shark bouys is a good place to troll for mackerel as they patrol along the bouys in search of bait. If you are land based the best places to try and get a mackerel for dinner is off the jetty or along the surf beach. While fishing the surf there is also a good chance of catching whiting and dart with some larger legal sized dart starting to make an appearance.

With the dirty water that last week’s wind and rain caused there seems to be an increase in larger hits to the unweary in the passage. This could be a few different things from the good to the bad. The good is big cod or jewfish with the bad being bull sharks. As soon as the water cleans up bull sharks cease to be a problem but if the water is murky I would stay away especially at dawn and dusk.

Offshore has been a bit quiet as the weather is preventing a lot of fishing  with the only catch that I have heard about is a Spanish mackerel caught by Alex Jones out at Moreton (thanks for the fillets they were yummy). The fish was 1.24 meters and was taken on the troll.

Be patient and the fish will start biting.  If you don’t get a bite, change position or have a look at the tide times to determine the best time to fish.